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When Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web in 1990 allowing millions of people to be connected to one another, the world became smaller than ever before. (History) Thousands of separate folk cultures, practiced by small, isolated, homogenous groups, were no longer confined and were able to communicate with each other almost at the speed of light. Although pop culture had existed before, the internet expanded its ideas and beliefs to all corners of the world, broadening the group of people that all share the same habits despite having different ethnic characteristics. Suddenly, social media platforms started globalizing the country, communicating common ideas and beliefs, which many people started adopting. However, with the onset of popular…show more content…
However, in multi-ethnic countries, pop culture is oppressing small distinct nations, such the case with the Russian Republic of Chechnya. In the 16th century, Ivan the Terrible had seized what is now known as Chechnya and had tried to dominate the Chechnyan homeland. Under Stalin’s rule, Chenyans had resisted the communist way of life, so Stalin deported almost all of the Chechen population, nearly 500 000 people. (mental floss) After the dissolvement of the Soviet Union in 1991, Chechnya declared its independence from Russia. It is clearly seen why Chechnya wants to become its own sovereign state because of its past history with Russia. The Russian federation wanted to keep Chechnya under its rule due to the oil deposits and economical benefits it provided, so it sent troops to settle the independence movement. When Moscow invaded Chechnya in 1994, a Muslim scholar named Akhmad Kadyrov, later turned guerrilla commander, declared jihad on all Russians, urging Chechens to kill Russians. (aljazeera) What began as an independence movement soon turned into terrorism, which Chechen suicide bombers harming many in Moscow subway stations and taking hostage a school in Beslan, holding more than 1000 civilians hostage, including

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