Lasswell's Model Of Communication

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In the world of business, communication plays a vital role in everyday tasks. It is critical that communicating with people should be interactive, the communicator should clearly send their message to the receiver and then the receiver can complete the communication by receiving the message and responding to it. In my opinion pushing information at people does indeed have a limited usefulness, it can be difficult to understand if the message is not clearly emphasised. Wood (2015) believes that this can relate to one of the first models of communication that was proposed by Lasswell who described communication as a linear process in which one person acted on another person. Lasswell argues that to understand the processes of mass communication…show more content…
Before a communicator can transmit any piece of information, it has to be encoded, it has to make sense to the receiver. However like Lasswell’s model there can be an effect in the process, this effect is known as ‘noise’. This concept was first introduced in an early model of communication by Shannon and Weaver. The model outlined that an information source (person speaking) would be transmitted through the receiver to its destination (person listening), however ‘noise’ would interfere with this process and the signal would be distorted. They came to realise ‘noise’ was either physical or psychological and could occur due to a noisy background or a psychological barrier, such as lack of concentration. Shannon and Weavers model is an interactive model that was an improvement from the linear one. It was a simple concept, one person communicated to another, who then sends feedback to the first…show more content…
McClave (2008) believes receivers who are good listeners give us a better point person’s point of view. Occasionally receivers don’t intend to listen as they are preoccupied with their own concerns. The process of understanding the message is known as decoding. When the message is misunderstood it is either mainly due to the carelessness of the receiver or the message sent was ambiguous, sometimes, emotions can influence the interpretation of the message. Effective listening is active, both communicator and receiver are in conversation replying to one another’s messages without any effect. Feedback is an important response as it shows the communicator wither the receiver clearly understood the message or not. One of the most important aspects of communication is the images we visualise through communication. Images are a force that immediately triggers an idea of what the message being sent is. The receiver can then give his feedback as he clearly understood the message that was sent. Hansen and Machin (2008) state that Images depend on the communicative situation or context of their communication. I agree as I believe that awareness and knowledge of a message should be visualised before the

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