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STRESS AND YOGA Stress is what a person goes through when one has to handle very different situations that he or she is used to. When someone is under stressed, their body responds to the stimulus as though they are in danger. The hormones are triggered and speed up their heart which in turn make them breathe faster and provides a surge of energy. This is called the fight-or-flight response. There are different types of stress. Some stress is considered normal and sometimes even useful. Stress helps if you need to react quickly to a certain situation or to work hard. For instance, stress helps you to win a competition or to finish an important task or assignment on time. But sometimes stress leads to adverse effects and can have a negative impact on both body and mind of the individual, if stress happens frequently or lasts for so long. Too much of stress can cause severe headaches, back pain, an upset stomach and it also leads to difficulty in sleeping. It can deteriorate your immune system which in turn makes it harder to fight off various diseases. For instance, if you have a…show more content…
It has a negative impact on your body as well as your minds. Over time, stress can affect your: Immune system: Persistent stress can make you more vulnerable and you are likely to get sick more often. And if you happen to have a chronic illness such as AIDS, stress make your symptoms even worse. Heart: Stress often leads to high blood pressure, blood clots, and hardening of the arteries, abnormal heartbeat. Too much of stress could lead to heart attack, coronary artery disease and heart failure. Muscles: Constant stress can lead to neck, low back pain and many other ailments. Stomach: stress adversely affects your stomach as well. It can lead to nausea, severe stomachache and many other issues. If you have stomach problem stress can make your symptoms

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