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When I was five years old, my parents revealed to my brother and myself that they were expecting another child, and although I was fairly young during this time period this was one of my first memories mainly due to the fact that this was such a traumatic time for my family. During her pregnancy, my mother was very healthy and lived an active lifestyle, which included working full time and taking care of her two children. When it came time for the birth, however, my mother developed very high blood pressure causing her to repeatedly pass out during the process. After the birth, my sister’s body temperature was dangerously low along with an irregularly low weight, causing her to have to be held in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In addition…show more content…
It is easy to determine that the event causing the stress, or “A”, was the difficulty of my mother’s labor and delivery, as well as both her and my sister’s hospital stay post-birth. If my mother and sister had not gotten sick while my mother was giving birth, the stress that my family endure would not have existed. The main source of stress for my family during this time was due to external factors that no one involved had any involvement in. After running tests while hospitalized, the doctors concluded that my mother’s difficult delivery and my sister’s low birth weight were due to hereditary factors that were passed down from her mother. As a result of hereditary and developmental factors, my mother and sister were both dangerously ill causing stress on my…show more content…
Even though I knew that what was going on with my mother and sister was not good and potentially dangerous, I never felt as if their lives were in danger or felt afraid of never seeing them again. I believe that this was because of the positive attitude that everyone in my life had at the time. My parents kept the focus on the happiness of my sister’s arrival, instead of the threat of her sickness. They also talked to my brother and myself in a way that the situation that we were in was normal when bringing a new baby into the world, making the process for us much

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