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A Definitive Guide to Various Interior Design Styles Perhaps changing your interior design is one of your top priorities for next year. And maybe you are not certain where to begin. Whether you intend to add some colour to your kitchen, or transform the look of the entire house, honing your interior design skills can help you achieve your goals without trouble. From classic decorating techniques to cool and contemporary design ideas, follow our cutting-edge guide to the top interior design styles and accomplish your interior design goals. We have compiled key pieces that define each interior design style, and sought out professional advice from a range of interior design experts to help you stay on track. Transform the look of your home…show more content…
Mid-Century Modern Design The decor introduced in the 1950s and 1960s was elegant, sophisticated, and inclusive. Despite the changes that we have witnessed in interior design over time, the mid-century design has remained an important component of interior architecture. Start by selecting the right color; mid-century hues tend to blend darker neutral tones with saturated accent colors. You must not pick more than 3 to 4 colors. A good rule of thumb when it comes to combining your selected colors is what some refer to as the 60-30-10 rule. This rule stipulates that the ratio of your dominant base color to secondary color to accent color should be 6:3:1. When it comes to furniture, go for pieces with straight, clean lines accented with smooth, curved angles. Mid-century modern furniture majorly relies on wooden construction and hardly features any decorative ornamentation or upholstery. It normally has only one or two colors without patterns. Complete the look with the right collection of rugs and other decorative items that feature asymmetrical and abstract…show more content…
Industrial Decor Industrial decor is one of the best home interior design styles, thanks to its simplicity, versatility, and ability to achieve aesthetic balance. To design an industrial style home, make sure to incorporate rustic colors, industrial furniture and the right rugs alongside lighting. Rustic color schemes tend to feature more of beige and brown. So the better it is if your home includes wooden flooring and exposed brick walls (painted or unpainted). Since your furniture will likely be made of wood and leather, it means you will naturally have plenty of brown. This provides you with enough opportunities to use accent colors for your rug and other decor. As for the furniture, choose pieces that rely heavily on raw, unfinished wood. In this way, you will be able to achieve a more genuine industrial décor. And when it comes to lighting, go for something that features modern, geometric designs with brushed or grainy steel. Lastly, select the right kind of rugs to complete the look. The only major downside to industrial decor is the fact that it tends to be a little bit lacking in ideas. Overly vibrant rugs with striking arts are a big no so are rugs with distinct geometric patterns, as these tend to look out of place in a rustic setting. Instead, go for something that’s either faded or generally dull in

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