Importance Of Telecom In The 20th Century

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Telecom in the 20th century It is the era of telecommunication; we are all connected to networks where we communicate overseas with our family and friends. We are addicted to following fashion on Instagram and tracking opinion leaders on twitter and chasing celebrity news via webportals. We daily post our picture on facebook so we share with our friends all our sensual moments. All this daily activity that we do, all our phone calls, all our whatsapp messages everything we watch on TV or hear on a radio is considered Telecom, that’s the reason why we chose this topic as it is the bread and butter of our daily lives. Chips are finding applications in various aspects of our daily life. These chips are responsible for wide spread diverse use of telecom, said…show more content…
Here in UAE Telecom Market is controlled and supervised by the telecommunications regulatory authority which was established under UAE Federal Law by Decree No. 3 of 2003. Speaking of telephones there are 1.825 million Land lines and 11.727 Mobile cellular in UAE as per a study that was done in 2011. There are 730,000 subscribers in blackberry (2010) as per Wikipedia. This is if only we want to highlight how many of us are accessing the world of telecom without being aware of the terms and conditions to use it as well as the dangerous effects of using it differently. In relevance to TV stations most TV stations are owned by the government since 2007 but radio stations have been around 60 years back even before the UAE formation and there was only 1 station that was owned by the british but later on in the 1970s radio started to be independent and then commercial radio stations started and starting 2014 there are so many diversified radio stations with different languages. As of 2011 there were 72 free to air channels. This huge increase in numbers in the world of telecom proves that it is the era of

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