Essay On Human Stress

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Human stress “You are only human. You don’t have to have it together every minute of every day.” By Anne Hathaway. While I was researching about human stress I found relevant information. Human stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand of threat. In modern times humans stress is an issue that affects teenagers, adults and seniors. Consequently, human stress has causes, symptoms, affect our bodies, and there are ways to manage it. To begin, what is stress? Stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand of threat. When your sense danger- is the body’s way of protecting you. Causing major damage to your health, your mood, your productivity, your quality of life. Another question that may come with this is what are the causes? Anything that puts high demands on you can be stressful. Stress can also be internal or self-generated, when you worry excessively about something. Common external causes of stress are: major life changes,…show more content…
More than 9 in 10 (94%) adults believe that stress can contribute to the development of major illness, such as heart disease, depression and obesity, and that some types of stress can Tigger heart attacks, arrhythmia and even sudden death. (Benjamin boneth). Moreover, there are also some ways to manage stress and it can be complicated, but it also helps so much, connect with others: spending quality time with other people. Make time for fun and relaxation: set aside leisure time, do something you enjoy every day, keep your sense of humor. Manage your time better: poor time management can cause abundant stress. Work-life balance. Maintain a balance with a healthy lifestyle: eat a healthy diet, reduce caffeine and sugar, avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, get enough sleep. (Lawrence
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