The Importance Of Positive Thinking

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There are about 27,60,000 results on goggle if we search “Positive Thinking”, so why is everyone crazy about Positive thinking? What does it means? How does it help? How will it set your mind to be rich? How to think positively? Positive thinking is not ignoring negative parts of life but looking forward to life with a positive outlook. Positive thinking means to get the best out of the bad situation. Everyone perceives things differently. You all have been asked a question about whether the glass is half filled or half empty, your answer defines how you perceive things and how you see life. Most of the people waste their energy criticizing and complaining about how things are and always concentrate on the negative part rather than focusing…show more content…
Ans. Half filled. (And even a better answer would have been that it is half filled with water and half filled with air) It is not only about this question you have to train your mind to think positively. Thinking process do depends on various factor like where you have been born and in what environment you have been raise whether your parents were positive thinkers or not but it doesn’t mean, it can’t be changed. You have to rewrite your thinking process and once you are successful in that you will see the results coming, Success will come to you and even if it doesn’t at times, you will still be happy. Power of positive thinking is beyond imaginable. Positive thinking is what keeps a man moving forward and stop him from giving up on his dream. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. If you develop a thinking that you will never get something then you won’t, it’s as simple as that. To be successful you got to have combination of positive thinking, faith, believe, persistence, mission and much more. You thoughts are feeding your subconscious mind without you knowledge. Your positive thoughts should influence your subconscious mind which we know is powerful beyond imagination. The imagination, when under control, may be used for the creation of plans or purposes that leads to success in one’s chosen…show more content…
The moral is that we keep fearing that what will happen if take some action or decision , we keep focusing on negative part rather than recognizing opportunity and making best out of it. Opportunity knocks only once, we have to make right decision at right time. A right decision at wrong time is a wrong decision. Every problem comes with an equal or better opportunity. So now it has been very clear to us that how positive thinking can help us and now the question arise that what to do to become a positive thinker? First Identify positive and negative thoughts, You should be able to make difference between a positive and negative thought. Thinking that you will win is a positive thought and thinking that your opponent will lose is not so positive, I should say it is neither positive nor negative. We have to learn to identify different thought and only then we will be able to work on it. 1. Look for Positive Start looking what is right in a person or a situation instead of looking what’s wrong. Become a seeker of good. Focus on positive in your life. Look for something good in everything. Looking for positive doesn’t mean ignoring the faults. Some people will always look for negative and they are the most unhappy ones even if they win, nothing can satisfy them. Don’t be one of them, be the one looking for

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