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I have taken these stress scale tests for quite some time now. I remember back to my sophomore year of high school, at our regional officer workshop we had an adviser talk to us about stress and fill one of these out. I recall having one of the higher scores which surprised the advisors who didn’t know me that well, my score then was quite high because of deaths and recent employment. The last time I took this was my senior year of high school when we did our yearbook editors midway retreat. It was quite the experience I was nearly 10 points off from my advisor who had partaken in the activity as well. I have been working and balancing school along with an extensive extracurricular activity list since my sophomore year of high school. With changes happening all the time my stress is always high and fluctuates. This time when I did this activity I scored 956, even though I have always scored pretty high it was quite depressing to see what I scored. My stress is definitely one of my weakness, one that I often times try to burry and forget about. I believe change is a huge part of stress as it is one that has contributed to a higher score. Change in either the day to day scenery, or even your routine is an impact to your stress. I often find myself…show more content…
I see that my stress load is very big but I feel as if it is different than my freshman year. As a leader, something I need to do in order to levitate my stress load even more is have more fun. I constantly have work or one of my leadership roles on my mind and have a hard time finding a balance and see those things ruling my life. One of my roommates is currently one of my employees and thinking about it I fear about our relationship because I do always have work on my mind and can’t think of the last time we talked about something other than

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