Essay On Stress And Burnout

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Stress and burnout are caused by various factors in the work place. The main causes of stress occur because of work overload, role ambiguity and role conflict, lack of autonomy, and lack of rewards. (Moore, 2000) All of these factors lead to work exhaustion, which then leads to the intention of workers changing jobs. Work overload could be caused by insufficient staff and resources, deadlines, and changes in technology. (Moore, 2000) When there is insufficient staff and resources it leads to a higher work load for each individual worker in the company. This higher work load results in more deadlines, which causes the employee more stress since they have to meet more deadlines. Deadlines by themselves are stressful, adding numerous deadlines in a compressed amount of time results in stress overload. Impending deadlines are stressful in any situation, but when you have multiple deadlines it increases an employee’s already high stress level. Not only do multiple deadlines create more stress, but when the deadlines seem unachievable it leads to emotional…show more content…
When employees feel over worked, their quality of work tends to decrease. They no longer are worried about getting the job done right; instead they just want to get the job done and move on to the next item on the list. This shows a disregard for the values of the company that resulted from too heavy a workload for one individual. Emotional exhaustion from a heavy workload leads to a decrease in work ethic, compromising one’s commitment to the company. When an individual is burn out, they lose their willingness to be flexible and adaptable. Flexibility and adaptability are important qualities that a company needs in their employees. Without these qualities the employee is no longer striving to help the company succeed, they do not care if the company stays in business because they are dissatisfied with their

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