Essay On Job Stress

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Job stress is a chronic disease caused by conditions in the workplace that negatively affect an individual’s performance and/or overall well-being of his body and mind. One or more of a host of physical and mental illnesses manifests job stress. In some cases, job stress can be disabling. In chronic cases a psychiatric consultation is usually required to validate the reason and degree of work related stress. Symptoms The signs of job stress vary from person to person, depending on the particular situation, how long the individual has been subjected to the stressors, and the intensity of the stress itself. Typical symptoms of job stress can be: • Insomnia •Loss of mental concentration, •Anxiety, stress • Absenteeism • Depression, • Substance abuse, •Extreme anger and frustration, • Family conflict Long-Term Problems If left untreated, job stress can lead…show more content…
This can be a difficult goal, especially if you work at home or are expected to bring work home from the office. But when you’re at home, do the best you can at just being a mom. At work, do the best you can at being committed to your job. Communicate with your boss and your coworkers. Open a good line of communication with your boss to make sure you are fully aware of your job expectations and of any concerns about your work. At the same time, don’t be afraid to insist on reasonable accommodations. You may need to take sick days off for your child, and if your employers do not accept this without penalizing you, they are asking for a lawsuit. Communicate with them about things they may not know you need, like a private place to pump. Look for smart ways to readjust your schedule Can you telecommute a few days per week? Is a flex schedule or part time work possible? Document anything “fishy” at work. Unfortunately, some workplaces treat women unfairly after they have children. This is sex discrimination. If anything like this happens to you, keep good
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