Positive And Negative Aspects Of American Imperialism

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Kyrsten Clute World History 5 Imperialism Essay Imperialism is the takeover of a country or territory by a stronger nation with the intent of dominating the economic, political and social life of the people of the nation. There are a number of reasons for imperialism. The industrial revolution created a need for resources to fuel growth in delivery of products in Europe and the US. European nations were experiencing competition between one another and all of them wanted to maintain or grow power. European leaders wanted to expand, settle and add new areas called colonies in order to mark and measure the greatness of their empires. There are many different positive and negative aspects of imperialism and in this essay I will discuss a few of these aspects.…show more content…
Local warfare reduced. Sanitation standards and practices improve and lead to higher quality of life. New infrastructure is added and helps with jobs, money and lifestyle improvements. Human services such as hospitals lead to better health, longer and higher quality life for residents. Schools lead to higher literacy and more ability of people to make themselves and their lives better. All of these elements of imperialism made the living conditions of the general population better. In this manner economic conditions improved, opportunities improved, entertainment improved and in general the quality of life for all people became better. In the same manner as imperialism was positive it also had some negative impact. People lost land and independence as new and stronger groups took over their regions, countries and communities. Men were forced to work in European owned mines and farms. This caused them to lost their freedom and independence. People developed contempt for traditional cultures. Africans looked up to the European lifestyle and struggled for identity as they longed to adapt and

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