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Public VS Private Education in Mexico One of the themes between parents today is, what is the best option for their child’s education, public or private school? Which of the two educational systems in Mexico is better? There are several things that parents should consider when choosing one of the two choices for the education of their children. Both educational systems are very different between one another; the quality of teaching, the costs and resources varies greatly. Today, there is the idea that in Mexico you have to pay a lot to get a quality education. The question is, which option is better, send your child to a public or private school? Nowadays, Mexican education is a controversial topic when parents need to select the best school…show more content…
The fact is that Mexico education is not as cheap as you might think. Public education is free through high school and from there you only have to pay certain fees. Mexico has a range of higher education costs. According to (2011), private education in Mexico has average tuition costs of $11,772, while public costs $527. This costs includes for private education just the monthly cost of tuition, everything else is an external cost as registration, books, uniforms, class material, etc. In public school, parents do not have to pay anything more than an entry fee, and expenses such as uniforms and some required materials, everything else is covered by the government budget. This large difference between the prices ranges are an advantage of public schools. Every year, high school results seem to confirm the supremacy of private education: the average of high school students get better results in tests those who study in private schools than those who come from public schools. The average mark achieved by public school students is 69.2%, while those who are from private schools get an average of 79.9%. (La Nacion Opinion, 2013). Truth is, the average private note is higher than the public, and rightly so. What is surprising is that a huge number of students from both public schools get higher grades than those studying in private…show more content…
The sociologist says that in her experience as a teacher, the difference between the two is observed that teachers in private schools “have guidelines” and in public schools “a comprehensive approach to teaching”. (Hoy Estado, 2013) CONCLUSION: There is an almost universal stereotype: private education is better than public. It’s hard to find to someone who really believes that public schools can give as good results as private schools. Is it true? Our public education could give as good results as the private one, but fulfilling the social function without public funding it would be impossible to achieve: to serve the entire student population and allow gaps in educational inequality begin to be reversed. Your school is an investment in your child’s future and not a decision to be made

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