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Hypothesis: Increasing the water temperature, when mixed with yeast and sugar, will cause foam to rise to a greater height because heat causes expansion in the sugar and yeast combination. Procedure: Using 5 clear plastic bottles, fill each of them with yeast and sugar(30g of sugar, 20g of instant quick yeast) One cup (8oz) of water will be added to the bottles each at different temperatures measured in degrees Celsius; water could be 40-50-60-70-80 degrees C or whatever the person may choose at steady increasing increments Water should be boiled/microwaved to get to the right degrees C, measured by a candy thermometer, in order to put inside of the bottles at the same time After water has been placed inside the bottles, make sure the yeast and sugar are not stuck to the bottom…show more content…
This IRP was an experiment that had to do with the respiration of yeast. Yeast is one of many resources when making the dough for bread. The IRP itself is not a long experiment and can be very simple as long as all the materials are collected and used appropriately. The purpose of this lab was to learn about biological reactions and was a beginner experiment for most students that have observed respiration of yeast. My hypothesis was that if a cup of water is put with the yeast and sugar, then the hot water will make the yeast rise quicker than the colder water because hotter water should cause the yeast and sugar to expand and rise quicker. This IRP has been done by many people and has been known to be fun and at the same time, to learn about chemical reactions. Anaerobic respiration uses food to produce ATP while aerobic just uses oxygen, which use cells to break down food which then produces about 36 ATP. Many environmental conditions can cause respiration in yeast and the amount of CO2 can determine how much respiration will occur in the

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