Pearly Penile Removal Case Study

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Discover the Most Effective Pearly Penile Removal Options With an increasing number of men having these small yet harmful spots around their penis, the demand for effective pearly penile papules removal has widely increased. Pearly Penile Papules, often abbreviated as PPP are usually found around the penis’ head and often appear in smaller rows which appear like a string of pearls. Pearly Penile Papules are nothing to worry about since they pose no serious health risks and will not really cause serious irritation or pain. In fact, this is common to about an estimated 20% population of men developing them. But though Pearly Penile Papules are not in any way related to personal hygiene and sexual activity, some men still worry so they decide to look for the most…show more content…
However, men have to note that the success of this PPP removal procedure depends on the expertise and knowledge of surgeons. The entire procedure can be carried out within thirty minutes and less anesthetic cream is applied on the penis corona in order to numb this area. The highly targeted and energized Co2 laser beams are focused on every papule with the aid of reliable Co2 laser gun that burns off every papule. After this procedure, the patient might feel little pain and discomfort which will vanish within one or two days. Excision Surgery In this particular procedure, every papule will be removed with the use of lancet or scalpel which is sharper surgical blades under local anaesthesia. This is given with some anaesthetic cream wherein each papule will be cut off with the use of surgical blades. This PPP removal procedure will take about half an hour per session. Doctors can complete the removal in 2 to 5 sessions but this still depends on the severity of the case. Excision surgery is one of the most affordable PPP removal options available today. Radio

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