Essay On Storm Water

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ABSTRACT:Storm water is the water that originates during precipitation events. Storm water is not able to penetrate in to the ground becomes surface run off, which either flows directly into surface water ways or it channeled into storm sewers, which eventual discharge to surface waters. Storm water is of concern for the two main issues; one related to the flood control and water supply. So our main objectives of our project is to solve the problem of water accumulation at underground subway passing below railway line near Majevdi gate in Junagadh bye providing drainage pipes or creating channeled or any other process and collecting water at near bye open area or space . Introduction:Definition Storm water is that water originates during precipitation events. It may also be use to apply to water that originates with snow melt that enters the storm water system. Storm water that does not soak in to the ground becomes surface runoff, which either flows directly in to surface water ways or it channeled into storm drain lines which then after gets drained into that particular surface. Review of our project In this project…show more content…
so that the problem occurred to the people and suffering from the problem in the transportation can be solved and can lead to future growth also as far as the diseases are concerned it can also be reduced if there is no water accumulation by this we can conclude that though we can do a least but can lead to maximum by their benefits and being helpful to mankind and development of town, city, district, state and at last to whole country by taking the study area located in junagadh of subway in which the design of the pump and the lines of drain pipes is there by calculated and so further the water can be drained out and be
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