Use Of Mystery In Dream Horses, Nightmares, And The Quest For Nessie

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Mystery can come in many different forms, being it nightmares, graveyards, or anything in between. Although one could put a finger on mystery, one cannot put a finger on something mysterious. Many elements of mystery are used in the three passages, "Dream Horses," "Nightmares," and "The Quest for Nessie." In this essay, these three passages will be discussed and evaluated for the levels of mystery used in them. To begin with, Nancy Willard uses mystery in her poem, Dream Horses. For example, the poem states, "Never Tame Me... gallops on the dark meadows." As many people know firsthand, dark meadows can remind one of their worst fears, not knowing where they'll be or what will happen. Dark meadows can often remind one of a graveyard, having many ghostly spirits resting there, not knowing who they are or what they might do. The poem also refers to Never Tame Me's boundaries, saying that "the rim of the sea is her fence." This illustrates that when one rides her, one has no idea of where they'll go or what will happen.…show more content…
But not all agree. After all, "Some say the nightmare is a sea/ where storms have made the waves/ so big they frighten me." Of course as many people know, there is never agreement between human beings. Some say that the nightmare is a sea, that, instead of scaring you awake, keeps you locked in and frightened, making it seem worse than a

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