Why Did Westinghouse And Edison Get All The Credit?

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When people think of electricity they often think of Thomas Edison, but there was a great inventor who was often forgotten for what he contributed to society. This inventor was born on the eve of July 9 and was known for many things. The one thing that this inventor created was the alternating current of the electric motor. This Genius worked side by side with both Westinghouse and Edison. Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century who was forgotten by civilization. But the question is why was he forgotten, and why did Westinghouse and Edison get all the credit? In this essay I am going to talk about who Tesla was and why he was the “forgotten genius of electricity.” Nikola Tesla was born on the eve of July 9, 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia during a lightning storm of all things (Goldman 13-15). His parents were his mother Djuka Mandic, who was an…show more content…
After two years of trying to start his own Tesla Electric Light Company, Tesla found backers to support his research into alternating current. The lectures that he did, caught the eye of an inventor who launched the first AC power system near Boston. George Westinghouse was so impressed with Tesla’s design that he hired Tesla and even gave him his own lab to work in. In 1895 Nikola Tesla designed in his lab the first hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls, after many years he kept his promise to his uncle and did capture energy that changed the world (Boman). But shortly after this happened in the same year, Tesla’s lab burnt to the ground destroying years’ worth of notes and equipment. Tesla decided to leave New York because of all the memories, but shortly returned securing backing from financier J.P. Morgan and began building a tower on Long Island but his funds ran out and Morgan and Tesla went their separate

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