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Huckleberry Finn Essay Imagine you were lost on an island, no food, no water, no nothing. Then you come across this stranger that you barely know and you guys start to develop a relationship. This idea is present in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn which was set on the Mississippi river in the early 1800s. Huck Finn, the curious protagonist, is stranded on an island, he encounters Jim, a black runaway slave, and the two of them go on a long adventure, and develop a deep relationship. Jim emerges as a father figure to Huck, by being a protector, carer and teacher to Huck. Jim is just a stereotypical black runaway slave portrayed as unintelligent, but he still knows the good from the bad. Even though they come from different background Jim still decides to protect Huck. One day they were caught in a storm, and there was a floating house passing by, Huck is curious and decides to look it. Jim tells him “It’s a dead man. Yes, indeedy naked, too…Come in, Huck, but doan’ look…show more content…
Huck and Jim are on a raft going down the Mississippi River, the two are separated by heavy fog. Huck decides to tell Jim it was a dream, but Jim thought it was real, he was worried “my heart wuz mos’ broke bekase you wuz los’....En when I wake up en fine you back agin, all safe en soun’, de tears come” (Twain 89). Jim told him take he was heartbroken, but happy when he was safe and sound. Huck felt “sorry… I wouldn’t done that….if it would make him feel that way” (Twain 90). Huck realized how much Jim means and cares for about him. One night, Jim and Huck are taking night watches, but Huck “went to sleep” and he “didn’t call me when it was my turn” (Twain 158). Huck was tired and didn’t wake up for his shift, but Jim decides to let him sleep and get rest. He is caring for Huck, and doesn’t want him endure pain. Jim not only cares for Huck, he is also a mentor and teacher to

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