The Storm Federalism

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Katherine Hall Pols 1101 Midterm Essay The Calm Before the Storm The political actors within the film The Storm consisted of a wide variety of people from the Mayor to the President of the United States. The video mainly focused on Ray Nagin, the Mayor of a town destroyed by hurricane Katrina. Nagin’s interests seemed to lie with trying to get help to the people in need. Although there was very little he could do in the moment. He kept calling higher officials and saying, “We need help, we need troops, we need food, we need water” (Smith, 8:20). However it took time for people to get there due to the circumstances. If the mayor had been better prepared, we would not have had as many fatalities. One of the responsibility’s Nagin…show more content…
The inner workings of the government are seen through the elements of political culture. Everyone in the United States deserves equality. In many cases today equality is still ignored. The Storm focuses on how the government is indifferent to individuals who could not evacuate before the arrival of Katrina because they were poor, disabled, or black. The media is pointing out to everyone in America that the government is uninterested in the welfare of its people because they happen to be a minority. In theory, freedom is what makes up the USA, but in reality, there are limitations. Americans feel that they know what is best for themselves and think that they can act how they want. To the people who chose to stay when they knew that hurricane Katrina was coming, they were exercising their right of freedom. Once a tragedy strikes everyone freaks out, but why doesn’t anyone ever set up precautions? Because no one thinks it will ever happen to them. Through consent of the governed, Americans believe they should have a say in the government. If these citizens live in a place that is below sea level, and is a key area for brutal weather shouldn’t the people be concerned with their safety if anything were to happen? This is a good representation of our government in the sense that the people who run our government

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