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Nanotechnology is a part of a science and a technology abou the control of matter on the atomic and molecular scale. This means things that are about 100 nanometers or smaller. Nanotechnology includes making products that uses part of small, such as electronic devices, sensors, etc… Nanotechnology brings scientist and engineers together from many different subjects, such as applied physics, material science, interface science, device physics, chemistry Supramolecular chemistry and etc… When people talks about nanotechnology, they mean structures of the size is 100 nanometers or smaller. Nanotechnology is a unit that equals to 1 out of a billion. 1 nanometer (nm) is 1 out of a billion, which a hair of 1 out of ten thousand of a ultrafine world.…show more content…
Using nanotechnology, Wilson introduced a double-core tennis balls. The inner-core also known as inner layer of the ball is covered with a mixture of microscopic balls of butyl rubber and clay particles. Butyl rubber is a synthetic rubber, a copolymer of isobutylene with isoprene. Clay nanoparticles is the inner-core. Nanotechnology tennis balls bounce for twice long comparing to normal tennis balls. It is because it acts like a plaster which makes it far more difficult for air to come out from the ball and the ball keeps to its pressure.…show more content…
Those are also in the tennis rackets or etc… It is basically in the nanotechnology sport equipment for tennis. In tennis, Carbon nanotubes helps to increase stiffness, repulsion power, consistency, durability, resiliency, impact and vibration control of rackets. In Silica nanoparticles, it helps to increase stability, power and durability of rackets. In Fullerene, it helps tennis to reduce weight and twisting of rackets frames. In Nanoclay, it helps to increase resiliency and bounce of balls. In Nano titanium, it helps to resist deformation and increase strength and durability of rackets, transmit more power to tennis balls and more accurate shots.

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