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Destinee Prophet Professor Sampson English 1101 8 December 2015 Is the Foster Care System and adoptions Beneficial or a risk to children? Foster Care System and Adoptions can be very beneficial to children but it can also be a huge risk. It is very much needed in the community; otherwise were would some children be. Although it’s also huge risk, because it’s taking someone’s child away and you never know how the biological parent may react. However, the beneficial portion outweighs the risk portion. There are many children in the world, every child has a parent. However, some parents are more mature than others. Meaning some people are meant to be parents and some people start out good parents but engages in some bad habits along the way.…show more content…
Many adults adopt children because they are, for medical reasons, unable to become birth parents. Research shows that most adoptions work out well and that most adopted children develop normally” (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 1). However, this may also become a risk to the biological parents and siblings. Meaning you never know how that parent may react about the system taking their child. Some parents may take it all the way to court to try and get their child back. It’s not only a risk for the parents but the siblings. Why? Well because if the siblings have to split up into different homes, they may start to misbehave at the foster home, school just because they want to be with their biological family. It could be the sweetest child before he or she was put into someone else’s care, then all of a sudden change up because they may not understand why there not with their biological mom or dad anymore. As Tawaner Clark a DFCS worker says that “it’s so hard taking children away from their parents, especially if they old enough to know what is going on. However, she looks at the bright side whatever may have been happening in that house hold with those children, they no longer have to deal with it”. Which after the child becomes use to the adopted parent their behavior may change back to how it uses to be because they will have had to

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