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Everywhere we go, anything we watch, there is always a company trying to sell us, the consumers, just about anything. For example, the ad I chose is a brand of chips called Popchips. It poses the idea that if you buy these chips instead of any other regular chips that I won't make you gain weight. In this essay I will explain the tools this ad uses to appeal to the consumers. The ad I chose consists of many eye-catching details. The background is solid deep red color, making the reader pay more attention to the celebrity in the middle of the ad. It has a very popular singer, Katy Perry dressed in a spotted sports bra and workout pants. She has in each of her hands the product. She is made to look as if she exercising with these chips in her…show more content…
This alone could appeal to some consumers, who could believe that it would work for them. The fact that the endorsement is by a singer, could lead other inspiring singers to purchase the item. The second technique I noticed was the need to achieve so many women in the U.S. have negative comments or thoughts on their bodies. And even though there are diet plans and meals, not man would want to give up tasty fattening food. This brand of chops is appealing to those who like chips but don't want the calories that come with it. It's like if someone offered you pizza without all the calories and without feeling guilty of eating something delicious with ruining your diet plan. I also noticed the need for food, as our bodies remind us when we are hungry. We are instinctively wired to feel hungry when, we need to eat. Like most people we enjoy a snack on game day or just in general, another tool I noticed was the need for attention. As part of a country that prides itself on diversity and culture. It's sometimes in this country we praise people who are skinner and chastise or ignore people who are on the heavier side. When part of the population that doesn't stand out, people can crave to be different. This ad sensationalizes the idea that if you eat these chips that you can be different from the rest. Instead of being like most Americans who eat Lays. You can be different and eat

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