Essay On Doping In Sport

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This research was conducted to determine the attitudes and opinions of national team’s atlethes about doping. The descriptive research was carried out with 73 athletes who in the Turkey Athletics national team and agreed to participate the research. A questionnaire was used as data collection tool. The most appropriate marking about doping such as “I agree” and “I disagree” has been requested from the athletes. X-square test was used in the analysis of data. When considering the opinions of the athletes about causes of prefering doping in sport, it was determined that the primary effects of some reasons such as getting higher performance (78.1%), attractive financial incentives (64.4%) and providing social statues. On the other hands, athletes have expressed their views.For %89.0 of athletes; doping causes unfair competition in sport, for %78.1 of athletes; doping damages the health, for %64.4 of athletes; doping is a serious problem for sports world, for…show more content…
52.1% of the athletes were male, 47.9% femaleand 65.8% of university graduates. The average duration ,which athletes’ dealing with sport, was 7.4±3.4 years. Table 1. The distribution of views on the reasons for the choice of doping in sport of track and field athletes. Agree Disagree N % N % Athletes use doping to achieve higher performance 57 78.1 16 21.9 Athletes use doping to overcome the fear of losing 43 58.9 30 41.1 Athletes use doping to appease the excitement 32 43.8 41 56.2 Athletes use doping because of the excessive desire to win 45 61.6 28 38.4 Athletes use doping because of attractive financial incentives 47 64.4 26 35.6 Athletes use doping to provide social status and to maintain this status 46 63.0 27 37.0 Athletes use doping in order to have a good life standards 41 56.1 32 43.8 Athletes use doping to gain club supports 37 50.7 36
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