Argumentative Essay On The Holocaust

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World War II was a controversial period in history that has forever changed the way that the world sees war and conflict. During the earlier, European stage of this war, Nazi Germany began the systematic disposal of Europe’s Jewish population, known as the Holocaust. For Hitler and the instigators of the Third Reich, the genocide of what would become millions of Jewish people was the “final solution” to the so-called problem of the Jewish presence in Germany and surrounding nations. Hitler believed in the development of a completely Aryan race, free from Jewish qualities that he deemed undesirable. Over the course of six years, Hitler’s Nazi regime kidnapped the Jewish from their homes, confined them to concentration camps throughout Europe,…show more content…
This quote, taken from page 29 of Israel Charny’s “A Classification of the Denials of the Holocaust and other Genocides,” serves to contradict revisionist claims that there is no historical evidence. However heated this debate becomes in the future, the evidence will always be available. Any discussion on the Holocaust should always be taken seriously. The human loss, national crisis, and worldwide devastation that occurred during Hitler’s reign is something that should never be called into question, but because it has been, it is important to understand more about the debate. Learning more about revisionist groups, why they believe what they do and with what proofs, and how to debate against and negate their points is invaluable. When revisionists claim the evidence is not there, historians must show the evidence. When they say that no nation is that cruel, that the Holocaust is not genocide, and that the deaths were merely casualty of war, historians must prove that they are wrong. It is the responsibility of all historians and educated individuals to uphold the dignity of genocide survivors. The evidence, to most, is proof of fact and the chief method of refutation against naysayers, but to Holocaust survivors, it is the only remnant of life before the war, of normality, of family, friends, neighbors, and the world as it was that they have left, and it must never be

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