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The account of Abraham’s journey to the land of Moriah in order to sacrifice his son Isaac (Genesis 22:1-19) is well documented by many Christian authors. This essay will attempt to demonstrate whether the Old Testament text was conveying covenant, sacrifice and faith, or an immoral action on the part of Abraham. Genesis 22:1-19 is found in that part of the Hebrew Bible known as the Pentateuch. The Pentateuch consists of five books which give the accounts of humanity’s beginnings, an account of the founders of Israel, the escape of the Israelites from Egypt and their journey to the Promised Land. The Pentateuch contains instructions for religious and social life and demonstrates great moral laws built on the Ten Commandments given by God…show more content…
Hamilton has shown styles of writing that would suggest Yahwist and Elohist style of interpretation. Yahwist (J) denotes a tradition where Yahweh is used for the name of God. The material is probably from 950-850BC and was thought to be compiled in the southern kingdom of Judah. The writers of this tradition emphasise the monarchy and the Davidic line. The Elohist (E) writer would use Elohim for the name of God and the writings date from around the period 850-750BC. These writers stress the importance of the northern kingdom of Israel. In Genesis 22:1-19 the sacrifice of Isaac appears as a passage of narrative but we can only hypothesise whether this is a story of reflection or an actual event. Abraham could even be a cult figure without any historical accuracy. We cannot prove or disprove any of this and it is more important to look at the message that is intended to be portrayed by the writer, its link with the New Testament and the impact on our lives today. Abraham was a direct descendant of Noah and specifically chosen by God. Abraham’s first call by God appears in Genesis…show more content…
God is commanding him to do something that is very difficult to understand and defies rational explanation. The direct command expresses the importance of the event. This is also stressed “in your son, your only son whom you love, Isaac”. God is demanding of Abraham a very personal sacrifice. His precious son born to Sarah in their old age. The writer of the passage demonstrates the intensity of the sacrifice because Isaac is the only person who can continue the line of Abraham and fulfil the promise made by God. Is Abraham being made to feel the anguish felt by Hagar when she believed Ishmael would die when they had been sent away by Abraham (Gen 21:15-16). When God sets Abraham this test He is endangering His whole enterprise of His covenant with Abraham. Child sacrifice was part of the worship carried out by neighbouring peoples such as the Canaanites but surely the God of the Israelites would not request such a horrendous act. Abraham has yet another test of faith. The land of Moriah is believed to refer to Jerusalem and specifically that part of Jerusalem were Solomon built the temple. Abraham rises early and there are no hesitations in his actions. Rising early could reflect the determination of Abraham to carry out God’s command or had Abraham just slept poorly that night? There is no mention of whether Sarah knew what was about to take place or her reaction to

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