Espresso Machine Case Study

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If you are shopping for an espresso maker then look no further, we think we have found the best. This espresso machine gives you great tasty espressos that are on pare with some of the best coffee shops all in the comfort of your own home. The Breville BES840XL or sometimes referred to as the Infuser Espresso Machine is the perfect machine for anyone who likes to grind their coffee separately. Unlike the other Breville coffee maker the BES870XL this unit doesn’t have a built in coffee grinder. CHECK THE LATEST PRICE AND REVIEWS ON AMAZON Breville Espresso Maker the Infuser Construction and Design Breville machines are renowned for top quality and offer up superior build quality and design, for a decent price. First impressions mean everything,…show more content…
There are helpful features like the indicator that lets you know when the drip tray needs to be emptied and also when it’s time to give the machine a good clean. And there is Breville’s distinguishing pressure gauge that lets you see quickly whether or not the extraction pressure is correct or not. CHECK THE LATEST PRICE AND REVIEWS ON AMAZON Breville Infuser Espresso Machine Review The volume of each espresso shot is pre-set, however you have the added option over-ride them manually, or even re-program with your own preferences. Like some of the best espresso machines the Breville Infuser has a rotating steam wand that can be rotated 360 degrees giving you complete control over your lattes and cappuccinos. The coffee machine also features a mug and cup warmer which is a great way to pre-heat your cups before your coffee touched the cup, ensuring that your end brew stays hotter for longer. Every little detail has been thought about, it really is like a professional commercial unit that Breville have gone to a lot of trouble to make easy to use in the home. Easy

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