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Chia Su Tien 15WTR05385 RQS 2 Group A Alarm system plays an important role in protecting human life and their property. Its primary function is to detect any intrusion and notify the owner by activating an audible alarm. It can greatly reduce the probability of injured, death and loss of property in the case of burglar. An alarm system may extend its function by installing the fire, smoke or other detectors. To avoid confusing, the alarm system without the fire-fighting system is specified as burglar alarm system. In addition, the installation of burglar system is able to frighten the burglars by letting them know the risk of failure. Therefore, a burglar alarm system is recommended to be installed in every residents and also other buildings (Kimberly K 2016). Burglar alarm system is a network of integrated electronic devices working together with a central control panel. Main components: • Controller- Monitors the circuits and sounds the alarm when they are closed. • Keypad- Touchpad, a numbered pad that allows the owners to communicate with the alarm system. • Door and Window sensors- Operating under a magnetic connection to detect the opening of door and window. • Vibration sensor- Detecting the frequency of the object. • Motion…show more content…
By using the components stated above, they form a circuit which is opened or closed. All of the sensors and the panic button are act as the switches in the circuit. Commonly, the alarm will be activated once the circuit is closed. Of course, the owner is required to arm the alarm system first else there will be no respond even the closed circuit achieved. The triggered alarm or siren would not stop until a master or access code is entered through the keypad. This is the basic concept of how a burglar alarm system works. Some additional functions had been added to the system, giving more convenient to the owner of home such as arming away, arming stay, by pass, entry delay and exit delay (Tom H

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