Essay On Source Credibility

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Analysis for Source Credibility When engaging in higher education an important tool that will jolt professionals, journalist, students, scientist and in many more professions is writing. Writing is an instrument that can be used to present information, analyze theories, and articulate fantastic tails. One way that people today present information is by writing papers that include sources to back up a certain opinion or to further explain extended research on a topic. With the increase in technology many researchers use the internet for information that will benefit there topic of research. Although the internet is an easy way to look for data not all of the data can be trusted. An article named “Consider the source”, by Bobby Hobgood, published by UNC School of Education said that, “Before the Internet came to schools and homes, a sixth-grader would have used a local newspaper, public library, or school media center for research.” Because of the increase in sources used online many people are unexperienced when it comes…show more content…
When writing these papers having a credible source is extremely important so that the author can have confidence in the research. To help people understand the importance of source credibility there will be three sources that will help guide individuals to successfully identify proper sources and a brief description of what makes an acceptable source. These provided sources are all pointed towards the legalization of marijuana and will be ordered from the least credible to the most credible. While analyzing each of the sources provided, information will be presented that explains the credibility of the material. With in-depth research on the material provided the sources rank from least to most credible in this order:, and With this provided data people will be able to grasp the keys for understanding source
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