Globalization Of Eating Disorders By Susan Bordo Summary

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Globalization of Eating Disorders In “Globalization of Eating Disorders”, the author, Susan Bordo, explains the effect of the “perfect body” on people today. She opens up the essay with explaining a situation and questioning our perception on it. The normal answer about a girl who was perfect weight who believed she felt fat. She was a “white, North American, and economically secure.” It gave a clear view of what the essay would be about. The argument was extremely strong and effective, due to the use of diction to communicate with the audience, the outside sources, and the emotional appeals. Bordo’s use of diction didn’t only make the argument more colorful; it created a better sense of how serious the topic was. Throughout the essay, Bordo’s diction kept it formal but it was almost like she was directly talking to you on a personal level. It strengthens the essay due to the ethical appeals. For example, when she tells you directly to read the description of the girl but to picture another person in the situation, it just makes you realize that eating disorders can happen anywhere with anyone. It’s not like I haven’t believed that only people here have eating disorders but I just never have thought of it that way. Bordo opened my eyes to realizing that it can happen to anyone.…show more content…
Bordo does a good job covering both sides as well. She doesn’t only bring up how it affects girls; she brings in how it affects guys just as much. For example, Bordo talks about how boys are starting to see themselves as “soft and ill defined” and starting to develop eating disorders just as girls are too. On top of that, men/boys are beginning to abuse the use of steroids, and also measuring their muscles to professional body builders. Just as girls are doing to the extremely skinny models. Bordo then goes into the body enhancement industries are making a fortune off of men and women because of the popular image of a perfect

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