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Columbus wasn’t a very nice person, but either way has a holiday to celebrate, what is possibly the greatest discovery of all mankind. America. Some find the holiday to be a blessing, in the fact that almost everyone gets a day off at work, and kids only care because they get to stay home for the day. Others, find the day to be an example of how stupid America is, and how a heartless leader and crew enslaved, raped, and murdered many ‘’Indians’’. Some people think Columbus day should be celebrated, some just straight up don’t like the idea of it being a thing. Christopher Columbus wasn’t really a nice guy to the people who weren’t of his skin color, or religion. According to some articles I’ve read, Christopher Columbus was a very greedy man. He didn’t care for the Native Americans, he saw past their kindness, and only saw the riches that hung in from their necks. Lets remember that Christopher columbus main goal on these trips was to find riches,…show more content…
Christopher columbus took the Native Americans lack of resources(metal, steel,etc.). He quotes ‘’Only have a stick with a sharp end’’. He massacred and raped many native americans, not only with weapons but with disease as well. Native Americans saw these white people as gods, but turned out to be the opposite. Christopher columbus was the reason for the death of a large percent of the Native American deaths. A killer shouldn’t be admired. On Columbus’s first trip to the Caribbean, he later returned to Spain and left behind 39 men who went ahead and helped themselves to Native women. Upon his return the men were all dead.With 1,200 more soldiers at his disposal, rape and pillaging became rampant as well as tolerated by Columbus.This is supported by a reported close friend of Columbus, Michele de Cuneo who wrote the first disturbing account of a relation between himself and a Native female gift given to him by

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