Ernest Drucker's Addiction Is A Brain Disease

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“Addiction Is a Brain Disease” The article “Addiction Is a Brain Disease” by Ernest Drucker attempts to educate readers on the addiction property of “brain disease”. Drucker begins by describing the origin of the word addiction. It is important for any good writer to start their story out by providing background information. He also includes in the beginning of his story the cycles of addiction and the relapse and withdrawal that drug users endure. He’s heavily focusing on the process that drug users experience but providing modest details on how it is a brain disease. The reader’s want to know more about the effects on the brain that causes addiction, and he is lacking in that part of the subject. Drucker fails to provide any other sources to support his words or findings. His gives very little information on how the brain plays a role in this. Drucker works with these types of findings and researches on a daily basis. His experience makes him seem exceptionally credible. Although he is aware of these findings and that they may be true, it would greatly benefit him to provide his intended audience with some facts. It makes his essay less convincing because his is missing a great deal of credibility. Even though Drucker is…show more content…
Although he did provide a little “the addict sincerely wishes to stop”. If he applied further examples of pathos people would feel sympathy for someone if their addicted to drugs because people would think that it’s their fault that they got hooked. If this is not always the case then Drucker needs to inform readers of this. I would help if readers knew that some drug addicts actually want to quit. Maybe they got addicted because they saw their parents’ do it while they were a child or sometimes people get drugged and become addicted. He needs to give readers a reason to have sympathy for individuals with additions or he could tell a story of his own if he had

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