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Introduction. Urban population growth and increase in industrial enterprises, as well as the change in business life has led to a sharp increase in the proportion of waste that forms as a result of household activities. A significant proportion of them are solid wastes. The accumulation of the municipal solid waste and their disposal is a global environmental issue of our time. The waste poses a serious threat to the natural environment as a source of mechanical, chemical and biological contaminants. Primarily degraded sanitary-epidemiological status and aesthetic quality of the landscape. Office of solid waste and its complete clearance is difficult task. The complexity of the problem is that constantly increases the volume and weight of waste,…show more content…
Samples were taken from the landfills of the cities Tashkent and Samarkand in the same day. The method of sampling solid waste, preparation for analysis consistent with the methodology of investigations of the properties of solid waste (__________). In the process of analysis from ten different points of the landfill were taken to get ten primary samples weighing 25 kg each. Equal concrete square connected the ten samples, mixed, leveled, giving the shape of a square and from different points selected one average sample mass of 15 kg. Monthly mid-month over an annual cycle were selected for ten medium-sized samples. Every separated the sample of solid waste is weighed and measured the necessary parameters to calculate density. Then poured a sample from the barrel on the table and with observance of sanitary - epidemiological norms precautions were divided into the following fractions: 1-metal; 2 stone; 3 - glass; 4-slag, ash; 5 - leather, rubber; 6 - plastic; 7-textiles; 8 - paper; 9 - food waste; 10 - flowers, vines, leaves; 11-wood; 12 - bone; 13-screening of less than 15 mm; 14 - other. Each weighted separately faction took part 1/10 for the hybrid analytical samples. In fractions 1-14 were determined humidity, 5-14 thermal properties, 9-14 agrochemical characteristics of solid

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