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Benefits of the Third Eye Do you now see how different you would be with the power of the third eye? From what we have seen so far, there is a way you can empty your fears and anxieties from your system and replace them with the tranquility that comes with awareness. And what a peaceful world you would find despite the ups and downs of everyday life! In simple terms, you do not feel at peace with the world because people stop quarreling and nations cease hostilities – no. It is the awareness of what is going on around you, and your appreciation of your abilities and limitations that gives you peace. You surely do not want to miss the chance to lead a relaxed life after understanding the potential you have with the third eye. Let us summarize the benefits of opening your third eye: 1) You will begin to be aware of things unseen and things unheard When you have your third eye open, you get to be conscious of things that are happening distance away from you, and after a period of getting used to, you know when that awareness calls for action. So you…show more content…
This gives your life great harmony, something that is elusive in many people’s lives. 4) Increased ability to discover hidden passions When you have heightened awareness of you as part of a complex environment, with the ability to adjust yourself to suit different situations, thanks to the third eye, you have a better chance to ignite fresh passions that you never knew you had. For the passions that you were already pursuing, you will find yourself doing far much better than before. You will appreciate that better if you think of a situation where, instead of worrying all day long about your pending bills, you find yourself coming up with intelligent ways of managing your

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