St. James Church Case Study

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ST JAMES ANGLICAN CHURCH, FRANKLIN VILLAGE Introduction This essay will explores that principles of architecture and design during the nineteenth century, and how have related contemporary principles of architecture and design been translated in the architecture, interior and fitting of the select building which is the St. James Church. The St. James Church is the fist church in Franklin Village, and it belongs to the mid-19th century. This church located in Youngtown of Launceston and directly opposite the Franklin House that was built near the corner of the main road in 1838 and was also the site of the school for the village children. The St. James church has represent history of Franklin Village from nineteenth century until present. During the mid nineteenth century to early twentieth century, the Australian architecture experienced old colonial period and Victorian period. The principle of architecture and design has also reflected…show more content…
Interior characteristics The internal space use of mediaeval models, St James was quite the evocation of Gothick architecture at its peak. The three steps has divided the church became two parts. The wooden altar placed in a position of Georgian symmetry exactly way. The aisles were also very narrow, and straight timber roof let the internal spaces became more like “carpenters Gothick” than “Georgian Gothick”. This effect would have been highlight by the interior finish, which was to have had timber wall, paint and one piece of timber vaulting, instead of the sandstone and classical curve ceiling. Conclusion Review the St. James church, compared with contemporary principles of architecture and design been translated in the architecture. This is a very typical example to show the Georgian Gothick during the Old Colonia period to the Pre-Victorian period. The St. James church has combination of the Old Colonia style and The Victorian Georgian style, the simple shape design with nice proportion and classical gothic

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