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In this epoch of globalization, the globe is increasingly developed on par with other developed nations. In an instructional context, plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s words, ideas, or other original material without acknowledging its author. Paraphrasing, summarising and quotation are technique to avoid plagiarism among student while work on their assignment before submitting it to their lecture. The importance of plagiarism can make the student fail in certain case. This method is very useful for student learning than copy and paste other people work while claim it as their own. What is paraphrasing? According to “paraphrasing” (2014) noted that paraphrasing is an explanation that says something that another person has said or written in a different way. They noted that when using paraphrase, the student will see that the sentences will become longer than original text and not becoming shorter. To use paraphrase as a good method for learning, student can use to make their own note from reading or note-taking in lectures. There are many steps to start paraphrase that can used by all students. Firstly is, a scholar should understand the info carefully and must make certain that they recognize what they had read. The second is, find out the key word and the main point that they can use when paraphrasing…show more content…
Plagiarism can not exist in a person with a way to learn, because it will only make the students learn anything from their college and eventually cause failure. Clearly, plagiarism is just a waste of time for student because if they are caught for plagiarism, they will automatically give zero mark. There is no need to submit their assignments if they plagiarism. So, three methods are suitable for students so that they are free of plagiarism and they can get good credit in higher education

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