Hanoi And Vietnam Comparison Comparison

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Hoang Vuong Dr. Portales ENGL 1301-038 5 October, 2015 Comparison essay Vietnam is the jewel of Southeast Asia, a country thousands of years old. Its official name is "The Socialist Republic of Vietnam". Vietnam, for the last century, has been a tale of two cities. Hanoi is the cultural capital, full of lakes, and with distinct cold and hot seasons. Ho Chi Minh city is the economic stronghold, with its access to the Mekong river delta and its two seasons: hot and hotter. Both city have delicious food which you can choose many different kinds like Com Tam and Pho, style of people living that have their own interesting, and a lot of amazing place near around for visitor like Halong bay and Cantho city. First of all, food in…show more content…
Hanoi’s also got a reputation for being a harder and more difficult lifestyle, whereas Ho Chi Minh city’s lifestyle is more affluent. For instance, Hanoi is ancient and beautiful capital of Vietnam. It does not have many sky tower or shopping mall, but there are many old building for hundreds years old. So that, everyone are living very slowly and peaceful. When you wake up in 5 am in morning in Hanoi, you can see a lot of people take exercise like walking, running, or playing Tai Chi on the garden or around the lake. They take care of their health very much, living with natural, and consider communicate effective very seriously. Hanoians are less willing to go out for a coffee and careless about news and trends, they’re much more solid when they do decide to make a move. On the other side, Saigon's resident are living so fast like the jumping of development of city. People are always busy and work, and work all the time. They are less care about the way communicate, and just need it will fast and easy to understand. Not like Hanoians, there is a few people wake up early morning or taking exercise. However, Saigonans focus on economic, politics, newly, and media. Ho Chi Minh city is never sleep, there are so many attractive places you can go like bars, club, coffee shop and restaurant that may can open all night. Although there are two lifestyle between Hanoi and Saigon, they are both interesting and hospitally for every one. You will have a great time when you visit

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