Walmart Vs Wegmans

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As well as the choice of eating food, determining where to buy daily necessities is a rather important aspect of living on campus. Only when someone knows well about businesses around him/her, he/she can indeed buy stuffs or get services that make him/herself most satisfied. There are two chain supermarkets, Wal-Mart and Wegmans, where I usually shop for goods. They share many characteristics as they are both supermarkets, but there are still mainly three differences, which are my focus in this essay, between them: the types of goods and the abundance of different types, the arrangement of the cashier areas and their locations. First, we talk about Wal-Mart and Wegmans’ similarities and differences in the goods they sell. Because they are supermarkets, they both have various types of goods, such as food, electronic products, health care products, school supplies etc. However, in one hand, Wal-Mart is more comprehensive and it sells more types of goods that Wegmans may not provide, such as clothes, cellphone selling and repairing, plant seeds and fertilizers. There is even a small…show more content…
Like those that are common in supermarkets around the world, the basic arrangements of the two supermarkets are both that counter desks are set to be a line near the exits. Wal-Mart has another counter desk for checkout in the electronic area. Though it’s not proper to go there to pay in order to avoid waiting in long lines before other desks, if you just buy some electronics there, like a T-Mobile refill card, the cashier will directly help you settle other stuffs to be bought. Wegmans also has extra cashier areas, whereas I don’t know the purpose of setting it. It’s a small chamber beside the common cashier area and the direction of customers’ lines are opposite to the common ones. I guess the chamber is open for peak time. Moreover, the plastic bag racks in Wal-Mart are able to rotate around an axis, while those in Wegmans are

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