Manazil Hospital Case Study

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Manazil real estate was established in 1975, The Company is currently managing more than 2000 properties all over sharjah, Dubai, Ajman & Ras al Kaimah. Manazil wanted to expand its business and oriana hospital was a creation that would prompt their development and allow them to grow as an organization. oriana hospital is one of the properties managed by manazil real estate , it is located in sharjah and it was established in 2011 . Oriana provides high quality medical services such as, general medicine, (Ear, Nose and Throat), pediatrics , Laboratory Services ,cardiology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery and Radiology Suite , Oriana is providing a healthcare that covers the family with the best health care services…show more content…
Oriana hospital’s goal is to give their patients an encouraging consoling experience combined with the chance to experience the best healthcare service. Oriana hospital realized the importance of the availability of a real healthcare facilities in a large polyclinics was oriana’s vision. oriana hospital also belief that “ prevention is better than cure…show more content…
moreover , managers in the organization decided to set meetings with their employees and investigate their reasons on their dissatisfaction, It clearly showed that employees were complaining about their salary and employees needs which are the most important assets that can lead to employee’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction. According to Abraham Maslows hierarchy of need theory states that an employee must be fully satisfied to be efficient and the organization must provide the employee with basic needs such as Physiological needs For, social needs , safety needs , self actualization needs and esteem needs.( coulter etal.,2011) . In addition , employees had to work overtime without being compensated. Furthermore, employees were not given a proper lunch break because the Human Resource Manager believed that some employees would misuse their lunch breaks by exceeding the time given and the Human Resource Manager feared that it would affect the employees

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