Advantages And Disadvantages Of Seaweeds

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INTRODUCTION Major of us was seemingly misinformed or not knowledgeable enough about this certain topic, The Nuclear Energy and its capabilities. Nuclear energy is a clean, safe, reliable, independent and competitive energy source. Moreover ‘this’ energy can be of great help with reducing and preventing air pollution that can lead and contribute to the greenhouse effect by replacing a significant part of the fossil fuels. Also, besides from the fact that it can be the source of our electricity, nuclear energy also plays an important role in providing clean energy for global sustainable development. The world has seen the successful international development and expansion of nuclear technology for energy, agriculture, medicine, food preservation,…show more content…
Since it takes the crucial part of this research we might as well informed you a bit about these fascinating seaweeds. Kappa Carrageenan is an extract from a red algae Kappaphycus alvarezii that is grown and produce on culture farms that is mostly located in Eastern Visayas and Mindanao part of the Philippines. These seaweeds are natural polymers that are dissolved into a form of liquid and obtained by filtering out other materials. It is compatible with other gum products to produce the gelling effect. It will act as a powerful stabilizer to get a final touch in milk based on products like cheese, ice creams and so on. However we will not use these versatile seaweeds as a stabilizer, instead it will be used as a plant hormone or simply put, a…show more content…
At present, our industrial agriculture system uphold the reliance on agrochemicals in the use of both synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, while overlooking to consider their effects and compromises on the economy of local communities, human health and the environment. Through the use of nuclear technology owing with its applications toward sustainable development, radiation-modified kappa-carrageenan made an upscale of promising results and an alternative option for fertilizer recommendation due to its cost-effectively and environment-friendly properties. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY At the same time as many people know the impact of nuclear technology and its important application in many sectors such as in the industry, medical, environmental protection, power production and yield of our agricultural resources at a quicker pace, we do not often give enough credit to the contributions that radiation has had on increasing the efficiency and its resources to the fullest extent particularly here in the

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