Essay On Science And Technology

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SOCIAL CONTROL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Humans have lived on this planet for million years now, from being hunters and gatherers they shifted to agricultural societies perhaps ten thousand years ago. Science came into existence recently about three hundred years ago. Scientific revolution was crucial for the industrial revolution to start in Britain in 1800s. Industrialisation is a contagious process which had spread in the entire world especially in the developing countries since the end of Second World War because of which people shifted to manufacturing and since the last half of the 20th century there has been a significant expansion in the use of science and technology for purposes of social control. This technological and scientific revolution affected a lot of aspects of society. These changes pervade our culture, values, ecological system, health, value based institutions such as law. Thus science and technology is increasingly making changes in the complex matrix of society…show more content…
Humanity is at the mercy of science and technology, they are two important means for socio economic progress. We talk about the practical utility and convenience and undermine side effects. For example automobiles have made transportation much faster but at the same time polluted the environment, pesticides cost health, and mobiles have made life easier but also made humans totally dependent on them. These examples make us believe we are becoming helpless victims of technology. Science and technology have not only become major institutions of modern time but also pose big challenges to present world. Urgent social challenge is to find some means of ensuring science and technology continue to develop in direction of serving humanity rather destroying
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