Laundry Shop Case Study

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Throughout Blake Mycoskie’s career, he discovered a passion, but this passion came with many consequences and challenges. When Blake first started out in the entrepreneurial world, he was armed with the potential to become one of the most influential people of his generation. During his first few years, he was rewarded with lots of good luck, yet there were times when his luck seemed to run end. Hard times took a lot out of Blake, but he would never let a challenge shut him down. Everytime something knocked him down, he got right back up. Because of this, Blake was very successful in the business world. He had built four businesses by age 30 and was named to Forbes, “Forty under 40,” list. Although Blake Mycoskie struggled with critics, finances,…show more content…
In reality, not many students enjoy doing laundry, so the chances of finding a person to do his laundry were slim. Blake thought more and more about this problem. He came to the conclusion there was not a service on SMU’s campus to take a student’s laundry and do it. Realizing this, he decided to create a laundry service. After assembling a few friends and a couple thousand dollars, Blake started EZ-Laundry. EZ-Laundry was a service that could pick up a student’s laundry, wash it, and return it to the student’s dorm. Business was slow at first, but after freshman orientation, business picked up quickly. Parents would walk around all the booths for the upcoming year and sign their children up for things they thought would be helpful to them. Many parents worry about their child doing their own laundry for the first time. Many do not want their children to shrink clothes, or worse yet not wash them because they do not know how. These parents did not know how long EZ-Laundry had been in business, so they signed up for it. By the end of freshman orientation, the company had received thousands of the dollars in prepaid laundry. The laundry company had taken off in ways Blake had not ever imagined. Because of this, Blake chose to start another business. After considering his options, Blake fell in love with the idea of solving a problem. Soon…show more content…
He was 24 years old and had started and sold three businesses. Blake knew he needed a break from the hussle of running a business. Like many people, he decided to take a vacation to relax and recharge. Blake and his sister competed on the TV show The Amazing Race and traveled through Argentina during the filming of the show. As a result, Blake knew he wanted to travel to Argentina for vacation. To fully enjoy the experience, he immersed himself in the culture. A large part of the Argentine culture is the national shoe, the alpargata. This was a soft, canvas type shoe that was inexpensive to make and very useful. Blake started noticing how many Argentines wore them, but he also realized how many people didn’t have any shoes. Blake went to local stores and asked ladies about all the children without shoes. These ladies informed him many of these children could not attend school and the children developed diseases from being barefoot. After hearing this, Blake was heartbroken. He wanted to do anything he could to help these children attend school. He knew leading one shoe drive would help, however it was not sustainable, and he wanted a permanent solution to this problem. Subsequently, Blake decided to bring the traditional Argentinian shoe, the alpargata, to America and bring shoes to children in Argentina at the same time. While Blake created a prototype for

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