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“Science fiction is out, fantasy is in “ this is what the essay “Feeding on fantasy” (Time Magazine, 2002), Lev Grossman discusses and comments on the shift from science fiction to fantasy. First of all, Grossman addresses that for the past years the science fiction genre has been ruling the film and book industry. But since the turn of the 21st century, the fantasy genre has taken over the industry. Secondly, he states that the utopian world we have been envisioned is not what we thought it would be and instead the past has piqued our interest. Technology has become a familiar and everyday thing, which has gotten people to loose interested in its magic. Instead, the popular culture has been looking back and has found the magic in fantasy.…show more content…
By starting the essay in this manner Grossman follows the principles of journalism by using the inverted pyramid where the reader understands the main point of the text right away. Grossman himself is a fantasy novelist and journalist, which make the essay more credible and reliable because he has personal experience in the topic. In the text to address and convince the reader that fantasy is overruling science fiction, which makes this essay more appealing to readers of fiction but he also discusses the modern societies affect on literature which gives it a wider audience. He makes three arguments. Firstly, he states that fantasy is ruling the popular culture. In this argument, Grossmann makes it more perceives by using data such as rankings and movies/books income to support his argument. In the text he shows the reader how the fantasy franchise is selling more than science fictions as seen in the text: “(…) Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets cleared $88 million at the U.S. box office. Think Star Trek: Nemesis is going close to that?”(p. 20 L.4 c.2). This argument is a logos argument because it talks to the reader’s intellect by giving evidence. Secondly, Grossmann talks about those people used to be fascinated by the cyberutopian world but is now getting fascinated by the past. In the text, he says

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