Nt1310 Unit 4 Assignment

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I am drawn to the study of Physics because of the way it utilises the building blocks of our universe to explain the galaxies beyond. Not only is Physics the fundamental for so many other disciplines and the basis for so much modern technology, it also helps explain how the world around us functions. As co-leader of the Langton MoEDAL team, an experiment at the LHC searching for a magnetic monopole, my main role is to analyse the radiation data from the timepix chips, which are placed around the collision point at the LHCb. Continuous monitoring ensures that any significant changes are observed, as this could indicate the creation of a monopole. In order to determine the position of the detectors to collect the optimum results, I visited the…show more content…
The simple concept, much like Galaxy Zoo, involves showing a user an image of a track and then asking a series of very simple questions about the appearance of the radiation track. These problems demonstrated how there isn’t always one simple answer in Science and taught me how to go about solving unresolved problems. At the 2015 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, I was an exhibitor on the 'Monopole Quest' stand. Here, I explained to hundreds of visitors ranging from young children to Fellows of the Royal Society what monopoles are, how the MoEDAL experiment works and demonstrating the Zooniverse programme. As well as displaying our stand, it was also fantastic to see other cutting edge scientific experiments, such as the possibility of using quantum technology. In July 2014 I participated in the Smallpeice 'Minerals and Mining Engineering' Course. This course improved valuable skills, such as teamwork, and allowed me to explore the practical applications of Physics. Seeing how the mining industry relies so heavily on geophysics, showed me how fundamental physics is to our modern world. This was also apparent when I did work experience at Pfizer and

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