Scientific Revolution Dbq Essay

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The European society within the 14th century had overgone a tremendous change in learning aspects and views of the world due the Renaissance. In which, the spread of ideas and new discoveries, eventually led to the a very debatable time period among people known as, the scientific revolution. A time period that used their learnings from the Renaissance to understand topics better such as whether the Earth was geocentric or heliocentric, or to simply understand the human body and the anatomy of ourselves. However, many philosophers had different motives for this, like trying to glorify God for his creations, be the first to discover new advancements or by helping new things thrive with the help of the government in many cases. Although it can…show more content…
Nicolaus Copernicus displays this opportunity of the revolution by claiming that science has no use unless it was meant to glorify God. Using Copernicus’s book, “On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres” he mentions how he wrote letters to the pope that would reveal his discoveries and and exhibit its significance in worshiping God (Doc 1). Copernicus purpose for these letters to the Pope however, was to set a good tone and display science rather positively. Copernicus was a Polish priest, but he was also an astronomer who knew that without science being seen as good, the church would not approve of it. Additionally, John Calvin was similar because he believed that each discovery found from astronomers only displayed how creative and how astonishing God was. Calvin understood that during this time period many new discoveries were being found, but unlike many people who saw this going against God, he was supportive of this because it exemplified God’s greatness (Doc 2). Calvin is addressing the people who reject the findings of the astronomers only because it is unknown to them. Instead he wants them to not criticize science and prohibit people from learning it like the church but rather admire what they are seeing because all of which they see is the work of

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