Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Imagine you are sitting in a classroom filled with polite and poised children dressed all the same in their school uniforms. You feel peaceful and chaos free. School uniforms are required in a lot of public schools throughout all of america, but some aren't. This issue is affecting plenty of citizens throughout the united states. School uniforms should be required in all public schools across the united states because, school uniforms reduce the amount of distraction in the classroom, school uniforms create a positive, no violence culture and climate on campus, and lastly school uniforms end the competition between the rich and poor, weather it being about who has the nicest or most new up to date clothes. Firstly, school uniforms reduce the distraction in the classroom.…show more content…
According to the article, What the United Kingdom can teach the United States about School Uniforms it states, “Because everyone looks basically the same, differences in the economic status are not as blatant”( Angela 65). This evidence proves that if students wear school uniforms there will be no competitions because everyone looks the same and wears the same clothes so it doesn't really matter if your rich or poor. It also states, “When i've asked students why they still wear their school uniform, they say they don't like the contests that begin between students about who has the latest and greatest item”(Angela 64). This quote shows that kids actually like to wear their school uniforms because then they don't have to compete with others on who has the best clothes or newest items. Lastly it states, “Promote school safety and enhance the learning environment and diminish the clothing competitions”(Angela 65). This shows that wearing school uniforms create a better environment because there's no clothing competition. Overall, it is believed that school uniforms would end the feud between the wealthy and the

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