Stress Among Students Essay

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It is common to procrastinate when faced with overwhelming tasks and not knowing where to start tackling such tasks. From the table, the reasons behind procrastination can also be psychological say fear of failure because the task ahead is overwhelming. In a case where the task seems insurmountable, the possible solution lies in dividing the task in smaller pieces which can be tackled in bits. Before breaking the task into smaller bits, it is imperative to plan ahead on how to break it as well as how to tackle the small tasks. This also illustrates that fear is a natural thing that can be tackled and changed into energy that can be used in tackling the seemingly difficult tasks. Common stress problems that occur to the body include muscle…show more content…
With ample preparation from the beginning of the semester, it is impossible to get stressed because such tests are not stressors to a well prepared student. In order to have a focused life, every student should have clarity of values as well as develop a clear sense of meaning in life. The reason behind is because stress is caused mainly by lack of purpose but by deciding on what one desires to be in life, a student gains focus on student life. It should be an acceptable norm that school work causes necessary stress in challenging students to learn. There are consequences that are derived from preparedness or lack of it even after school life which can be short term or long-term. Where a student learns to be focused, the short-term effects are that such a student excels in school work. In the long-term, such a student is able to plan and focus on what they want to be in life and charting their career lives. On the negative side, a student who does not plan and focus experiences loss from the onset of school life which translates to long-term failure because the foundation is not solid to make them productive people in
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