Essay On School Dropouts

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Arguments Learner may also use poverty as one of the reasons why they drop out of school. When students feel that their parents are unable to afford most of their needs for schooling. When students are in need of school uniforms, lunch money and stationary that is required at the school for them to perform better perform at the top of their potential they feel alone and feel that education will not get them anywhere in life. If there is no one that is successful in the family a child may feel no need to try an go on with something that has not worked for anyone in the family in this way the is no motivation. The only reason why they went in the first place was because of the guilt they felt for disappointing their parents and for not being obedient…show more content…
Even if they are able to save up to the required amount to register students end up facing problems of payment at the end of the year. You find that a student has an outstanding amount of sixty thousand rand and no one at home is employed this I the main reason some students lose hope and never come back to finish their Degrees and so they too are considered as dropouts. The students drop out because of outstanding fees. This excuse of poverty leading to school dropout is also an exhausted excuse we have Universities such as the North West University they try by all means to assist students in need they allocate bursaries in a way that tries to accommodate all the students that are in need of the money for tuition and registration fees. In 2015 they even cut off money for meals to try and accommodate students with financially problems, they only allocated money for tuition, books and residence money where they pay where a student stays for the year while studying. They spend less money on more students rather than spend more money on fewer students. They even have social workers on campus that assist students on financial crises they even give students food packages based on the situation of a
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