Social Factors Of Immigration In Canada

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Immigration is a really crucial part of Canada’s economy, but there are sacrifices you take. If by chance you didn't know what immigration is, Immigration is where you have someone from one country migrate to another country for economic, family, disastrous, or other reasons. Fifty five percent of immigrants in Canada move for economic reasons. Twenty eight percent of immigrants move for family reasons. Thirteen percent move to Canada for refugee reasons. Four percent move for other reasons. Since the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act was signed in the year two thousand two Canada has been receiving more immigrants. Canada lets those immigrants come from wherever but It hasn't always been this good. Canada used to make it extra hard for…show more content…
In this essay I am going to talk about social factors which will include security problems, individual social problems, and First Nations state of being. I will also be talking about economic factors such as money, family, and job. I believe immigration is very important, but it comes with some problems. One of the most important parts about immigration is all the social aspects. The three main social aspects are security problems, individual social problems, and the First Nations state of being. Security is a large problem when it comes to immigrants. There are law knowledge problems, police problems, and connection problems. There is a good chance that all immigrants don’t know all the Canadian laws and what the consequences are. This can happen because they could be from a country where they have much different laws. Plus refugees get into Canada so quickly that they probably don’t know the laws. A strange example would be how prostitution is legal in New Zealand. In Canada you can face up to five years in prison. Another problem that isn’t thought of that often is the trust between some immigrants and the police. In some…show more content…
There are many immigrant security problems such as law knowledge, police problems, and connections to terrorism problems. There are many problems with the lives of immigrants and how it affects other Canadians. These problems might not be as big as the other ones, but they are still something you should consider. Immigrants can have troubles with social norms and being used to the norms in their home country. A few Canadian citizens might feel uneasy with new immigrants. Some immigrants might not understand the Canadian norms. This can be a problem because people naturally feel uncomfortable when someone is acting acting a little different than everyone you know. This can lead to distrust and people dividing. Countries with with distrust and divided people is almost unsafe. Some immigrants bring their cultural norms to Canada. This is usually not a problem and is sometimes kind of cool, but sometimes it is strange and annoying. My neighbors sometimes play their strange music throughout the night and makes it hard to sleep. There are also good examples like my old Indian friends family. They would always have these giant Indian food feasts and they would invite me over. There are mainly problems when it comes to social problems such

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