Firm Strategy, Structure And Rivalry Case Study

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4. Firm Strategy, Structure and Rivalry Closing the circle of the factors that determine the existence of a competitive advantage, it is necessary to take into account the context in which firms are created, organized and managed and the nature of domestic competition. Goals, strategies, and ways of organizing companies in the industry are widely influenced by national conditions. Achieving national interest depends on the extent to which these options according to the source of competitive advantage in the industry. Firm strategy and structure reflects the company's goals and individual goals and national prestige and national priorities. The company's goal is determined by the most powerful ownership structure, owner motivation and debt holders, the nature of corporate governance, and processes that shape incentives motivate senior managers. Provided that the objectives of owners and managers in accordance with the needs of industry, the opportunities for success are enhanced. As far as the goal of individuals working in the firm, they also have an important role to create and enhance competitive advantage. The second achievement depends on the motivation of people to develop their skills and also to issue the necessary efforts for the company's success. Another source of influence on…show more content…
This is the opportunity and the government. Chance events are developments beyond the company's control, such as the creation of a genuine, fundamental breakthroughs in technology, etc. They can play an important role in the process of moving a competitive advantage in many industries. Government, changing others, is important to the extent to which its policies can affect the entire system when determining whether to weaken or enhance competitive

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